Alfala Pellets????


11 Years
Feb 21, 2008
The Dalles OR
Hi everyone, I made a mistake today I wanted to buy alfala cubes and some how I got alfala pellets! I do not know if I said pellets or the guy gave me the wrong thing. So now I have 50 lbs of pellets,(which I have opened) and I am afraid to feed them to my chickens I think they would choke on them. Could I soak them in water? Anyone have any ideas??
They will be fine. Just make sure you didn't get rabbit pellets, as they have a very high salt content.
If they can eat lay pels why not alfalfa pels? My lay pels look identical to alfalfa pels. If all else fails, I just read today that alfalfa pels are excellent fruit tree fertilizer!
Really they look so big to me like they would choke on them?? But I am a newbie and I trust you guys. My husband thinks I worry to much! They swallow big worms and bugs.
I tell you, catch a mouse, and stun it, then throw it in amongst your fowl and watch the's a riot!
Yep I have a picture somewhere of one of mine doing just that, I wanted to help her but she thought I was going to steal it off her (which I was really..) so she jsut kept running away from me - had to get a pic she looked so funny!

I found it!
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