All 7 chickens have "stopped" laying


Aug 13, 2020
I have seven 1.5 year old Buff Orp hens.
I was getting 4-5 eggs a day very consistently since July of 2019.
I have made NO changes to: coop, run, feed, water, snacks.
I have not added or removed any pets or other chickens from the yard.
All of the chickens appear to be acting normally, happy, well fed and active.
It has been in the 80s and 90's in my area so I have had fans blowing across the run and near the coop to help mitigate heat build up and they seem to enjoy sitting in front of the fans. I did this last year and had no problems.
My run is 8'x12', 2/3rds covered and fully enclosed with hardware mesh. The coop has 6 nesting boxes.
Approximately the time they stopped laying eggs, within about a week, I put up a new privacy fence around the yard. It is about 20 feet away from the run and coop. I am not sure why this would have had any affect on the hens, but I wanted to include all of the details.
I have now had 5-6 eggs in the past 2 weeks.

What am I missing and do I need to do?
Thank you

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