All american Giant contest- End May 1st

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    Jersey Giants are the largest purebred breed of domestic chickens. The breed was created between 1870 and 1890 by brothers John and Thomas Black in Burlington County, New Jersey. Their original intention was to breed a large table bird that could take the place of a turkey. The breeding program included Black Javas, Black Langshans, and Dark Brahmas. In the beginning, they were called "Black Giants", actually being named after the brothers and not their initial color. The name "Jersey Giant" came into official use in 1921 when the American Association of Jersey Black Giant Breeders Clubs was created. The breed was officially recognized by the APA in 1922. There are now three recognized colors -- black, white, and blue. Blue was developed from a white hen with gray smudges (a sport) in Golda Miller's flock sometime in the 1980's. Splash are produced by breeding two blues, but are not a recognized color. Jerseys as a breed are very gentle and friendly.

    1. Fill out entry form below. (If there is not an entry form to go along with your submission it cannot be counted.)
    2. Please post no more than 3 entries, each of a different bird.
    3. Most importantly, have fun and please be courteous to all other members. Happy posting!

    Entry Form
    Quick Story/Fact (optional):

    5-2nd place will be awarded, as well as a Best of Show, who will receive a prize.

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