All Birds Roost in Trees


10 Years
Jun 16, 2009
New here. Its wonderful to read all the great stories, ideas and Wisdom!

We started a few years ago with about 3-5 chickens. We have 3 acres of land, no close neighbors and dogs are in a separate yard. Never have had predator problems (racoons, coyotes, etc.) Chickens started to roost in pine trees.

Last Year we got a few more young chickens from the local animal shelter, and one turned out to be a rooster. We now have 6 laying hens, 4 young hens (2-6 months old); 8 pullets and two chicks; Rooster has been busy.

All of them now, except "Old Girl" (who roosts on the composter) roost in the trees. We are going to build a nice coop, but want to let them free range during the day.

Bigges problem... can't find eggs. Is it too late to train to roost in coop at night and lay eggs in there?

Advice greatly appreciated.
Hi and welcome to BYC!
A coop is the safest place for chickens at night. You might not have a predator problem now, but sooner or later the predators will find your chickens.
Yes, you can train them to the coop. You'll have to lock them in it for a good long time, probably a couple of weeks. Include nestboxes in the coop and "seed" the nestboxes with golf balls, fake eggs, round rocks, etc., to give the hens the idea that the nestboxes are a really great place to leave their eggs.
I've noticed the longer a chicken has a habit, the harder it is to break; but it can be done.
Good luck.
Thanks! I appreciate the wisdom and the encouragement.


20 CHICKENS, 1 ROOSTER, 3 DUCKS, 3 DOGS, 2 CATS and some fish. There's room in our home for my hubby and I... just barely!

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