All by herself


7 Years
May 22, 2012
I have 8 chicks all born within a week of each other. Seven of the chicks will sleep roughly in the same area...sometimes scrunched together, other times spread out. There's one chick who frequently sleeps alone...on the opposite side of the brooder. If she just an independent girl or is something else going on that I should be watching out for?

This is my first round of chicks. Until now I've stuck with dogs....
Check the temperature in the brooder, sounds like it may be too hot for them to cuddle together. That may be why they are spreading out to the far corners to adjust their body temperature. Purchase a thermometer and put it at the bottom of the heat lamp on the floor where the chicks are.
I do have a thermometer in with them. Started the brooder at 95 degrees and all of them were sleeping away from the lamp. Raised the lamp a bit and dropped the temp to 90 - same thing...I've been raising it up a bit every day to find the temp that is comfortable for them. As of this evening the temp is hovering around 80.

It's just the one single chick who is frequently by herself too...the others sleep together

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