All chickens laying but one????


10 Years
Jun 10, 2009
This is my first time with chickens. So after saying that, I have supposedly six chickens laying. They are new layers but they have done so good. I've gotten five eggs each day.
Where is my other egg? Lately eggs have fluctuated between four and five but I think this is from being new and it's gotten colder. Either way I've gotten five at the most so i'm not as concerned about that but that about the sixth?
Any info PLEASE.
Well 2 of my Leghorns started laying during their 20th week within 2 days of each other.
My Redstar laid during the 24th week
and my last free-loader Leghorn, named Houdini laid her first egg today during their 26th week.

3 Leghorns, all the same breed, all raised together same feed/conditions/etc. but one was 6 weeks later than the other two.
How long have you been waiting?? Has the non-laying pullet's comb/wattles turned bright red yet??
Some mature sexually at a later date than others. Some never mature at all. It is also the slow down time hormonally, so this may affect egg laying. The shorter days effect the amount of lay also.

I wouldn't sweat it....5 out of 6 laying in this season is pretty good!
Yes theeir wattles are red and I have waited six weeks since the first ones started laying. Thank you so much. I feel much better.
Being inexperienced myself, so I can't say if it's an ol' wives tale. I heard that if you have no Roo sometimes one of the hens will assume that roll and quit laying. If you remove that hen another will quit and so on and so forth. Maybe one of the more knowledgable members can comment.

Fair Winds,


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