all chickens survived Ike


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Jul 30, 2008
Finally after 10 days of no power, we are finally going to be able to get back to normal. Every one of my chickens survived. We had to really support our coops but they stood up alot better than our electric poles. Here is the kicker, we tried to add wind breakers for them and instead of getting in the coop they hunkered down.. (a Houston weatherman term) behind the breakers. Here I am at Midnight in the middle of a hurricane trying to grab birds and toss them in the coop.
They sleep outside normally but always get in the coop in bad weather, but I was afraid that since the we added so much support to the coop and door they wouldn't know really where to go, but I got then inside (my dh thought I was nuts). All of us survived and last night YAAAA power and water came back on. I guess they alot tougher than we tend to give them credit for.


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Jun 20, 2008
Henry County Kentucky
So glad to hear you are "getting back to normal"

My daughter lives just 4 blocks NW of the 610 and as of last power. So its nice to know there's hope.
Its amazing how chickens adapt to weather conditions. They are resourceful little creatures aren't they?


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Jul 29, 2008
Porter, Texas
mrs.67 -

Thank goodness you finally got your power and water back on. Friends that stayed with us durning IKE are still without power and water and they live in the Tomball/Magnolia area. According to reports, they may not get their lights/water on until after the 25th of September.

My girls/guys made it through the storm too without any losses. DH built one heck of a chicken coop and run! The tin awning that he made for shade stayed in place. I could hear it rippling when the wind blew and just knew it would end up in the top of some tree.

A big oak tree feel 10 feet from the coop during the storm and my husband was pulling a Captain Dan (Forest Gump movie) all night long checking on the flock. Luckily, I had locked all the girls up before the storm hit.

The next morning the girls/guys came out with looks on their faces like "What the Heck was that!".

I hope everyone else faired as well?


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Mar 21, 2008
Centre Rawdon, Nova Scotia, Canada
I'm so sorry to hear about your struggles and very relieved that you and your animals are fine. We survived Hurricane Juan, then the next year 'White Juan' , a monster snow storm. The prolonged lack of power is horrible. We now have a generator! It was expensive but you sleep better...

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