All "Hens" now roosters :( Better way to sex chikcs?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by SommerYards, Jun 16, 2011.

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    We had 9 chickens 3 from an expensive hatchery here locally and 6 from TS. It turns out one by one they are crowing in the morning this week. One Started one day so we got rid of him and then the next morning another one crowed. How can out of 9 chicks which are supposedly supposed to be hens all be roosters? I am so frustrated! This is our first time having chicks too and this is just so hard to get why this happened. So....we are hopefully going to be getting more chicks sometime but how can I tell when I get the chicks if they are going to be male or female? I gave away for free my roosters and one lady that came to get one of them said you can tell it will be a rooster if they have the little spots where spurs will be eventually. Is this true? Or should I try and check there feathers? There is a local place where I can get chicks but am in no hurry to get anymore [​IMG] Is there an online place that is better to buy chicks at? Please help as doing this chick thing is now getting old....I just want some hens!
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    Don't go by where the spots where the spurs will be, all of my pullets have them and all of my roos looks the exact same as theirs. Although one is starting to get a slightly bigger nub. And I've heard of people on here saying that their pullets/hens have crowed before, so [​IMG]. It seems with all of my roosters, that the waddles came in earlier and more red and the combs began to turn red at a very early age.
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    some pictures could be helpful, you don't necessarily have all hens, as suggested above, in a flock of all females one will take the dominant position and develop some rooster-like qualities including crowing, although not usually so young [​IMG]
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    Go with Sex Links and you know you will get pullets. If all you want are hens that will lay for you, then they are egg laying machines and they are sexed by their color at hatch. Don't trust TSC to get anything right. The only thing they can guarantee is you are getting chicks. I have read so many stories on here of them screwing things up or just not knowing anything about the chicks that it would make your head spin. Go to a reliable hatchery or go to a private breeder, otherwise. But know that sexing chicks is a very difficult thing to do and even the pros are about 82% accurate.

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