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    I have to say that while I might not say it quite like that, I do agree with it. I have done enough rescue, to relate.
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    I know I better duck and run after saying so, but I think when someone gets that burned out and angry, they should get out of rescue work. Rescue work is very very difficult and painful work and many people aren't going to be able to keep it up indefinitely. When they get to this point they should quit.

    On the one hand she is saying don't be dishonest with us, on the other hand she is saying, I can't stand it when you're honest.

    Too, she is completely disregarding the facts on the one hand, there are, in fact, nervous, difficult even aggressive dogs, and then on the other hand says many animals are hard to place because of problems they have, but these are all always caused because the owner is lazy.

    Not everyone gets rid of animals because they are lazy. They may have lost their job, or their home. They may have had to move somewhere that doesn't allow pets or where they have no yard or can't afford the money for a zoning approved fence. They may be overwhelmed with problems they don't feel they can talk about, such as an elderly parent that's sick or a child with a disability.

    Not everyone has a maid, or doesn't like dog fur. The description she gave is like most rants - one sided.

    Rescue workers have to be careful what they say publicly. Rescue workers do not all have a sterling reputation. Rescue workers have been busted for animal neglect themselves, for taking in more animals than they can afford to feed. And rescue work is not so 'squeaky clean' in the public eye. Especially horse 'rescue' has some serious problems in some individuals - people getting horses donated and then selling them for example. Rescue workers do indeed have to be careful of the public impression they make. Rants might be better kept private, with an understanding and discrete friend.

    Why do people get this angry? Because they start to only see one side of a situation.

    And maybe that's the point where they need a break or to get out of rescue work. Yes, everyone needs to blow off steam once in a while, and a good old time rant can be the way to do it. But when this becomes ALL they feel, when they no longer see anything else but anger, time to get out. Because they can't do an effective job or make good decisions.

    Yes, many people are selfish and many people act very ambivalent when they get rid of an animal or try very hard to be seen as a good person even though they have to give up an animal. What else is realistic to expect? Nothing.

    There are some endeavors that are just very, very difficult - finding homes for animals no one wants any more, counseling juvenile delinquents, trying to get the mentally ill to stay with treatment, being an honest politician, getting people to take better care of themselves, getting funding for charity organizations....wait....actually, most jobs worth doing, those that fight societal problems, really are very difficult.

    Once a person gets that burned out and angry, when it's more important to be angry than it is to get the job done, once they start getting angry at the people instead of focusing more on the problem at hand, they need a break, or a permanent change.

    Yes, I have seen horrible things when working with a vet. A guy who had a dog for seven years and then decided he was 'tired of it' and had the vet put the dog to sleep, and made up a story to his seven year old daughter who loved the dog. A dog that had a puppy harness left on it til it was grown in with maggots. A dog beaten to death. Dogs that spend their life on a 2 foot chain with untreated diseases. Dogs that died of thirst, or of dog fighting a la Michael Vick. I think of most rescue workers as doing God's work on earth.

    A thankless job that's hard, disappointing and unpaid - just like most of the jobs that really need doing in our society.

    But when a rescue worker gets that angry, they need some time off or a permanent vacation from rescue work.

    One needs that good feeling that one gets from doing the right thing, to stay paramount. That feeling that you get when someone says, 'You can't save them all', and you say, 'No, but I can save this one'. This one dog. This one cat. And that is what will make all the difference.
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