All is ok, Duckling Hatched on it's own! *pic*

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    Here's a bit of background:

    Neighbor brought me 2 'Scovie eggs and asked me to hatch them. The eggs spent a week under a broody chicken hen then was in the incubator until yesterday. The hatch date is May 19th, yesterday evening the first egg was pipped and second egg I could see baby's bill up in the air cell. I stuck both eggs under my broody Pekin Gal.

    As of right now, the first egg:
    I'm a little worried about the first egg, the baby pipped almost the whole end (big end) of the egg off, I can see the bill, a toe and fuzz, but it's like the baby pushed the very bottom of the egg shell off rather than zip around close to the center of the egg. When my big ducks hatched out in the bator they zipped all around the egg fairly close to the center if that makes any sense. I can see a teeny tiny piece of dried lining but mainly see curled up duckling. Mamma keeps talking to the baby when it peeps, she also just got off the nest, got wet in the water bin and ever so slowly laid back down on the nest. Do you think she realizes the baby isn't moist enough and is helping it? Do you think I'll need to step in and help and if so at which point? I've hatched many ducks and have never seen this happen (did see it happen once with a chicken egg and had to help.) to any of the duck eggs.
    I also want to mention that these scovie eggs are quite a bit smaller than my pekin eggs, is it possible the baby is too large for the egg? I'm very confused here.

    Second egg:
    Baby has pipped and is peeping a fair bit. This baby pipped higher up on the egg, almost at the center of the egg.

    Has anyone ever see a 'Scovie egg start to hatch 6 days before due date?

    Baby hatched all on it's own...all is wonderful :)
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    I don't hatch ducks but I heard they take longer to hatch then other ducks. maybe they already started to develope before you got them (not kept cool)
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    Jun 27, 2007
    Yes, Muscovies take 35 days.
    The neighbor brought them to me the day her hens laid them, she was concerned her dogs would eat the eggs. Her ducks don't have a pen or house so they just lay their eggs in the yard, pasture, wherever they want to.
    She was going to bring more eggs but her hens didn't lay anymore out in the open and she never found anymore eggs.


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