all manner of sexing chicks venting feathers and waiting

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    Sep 7, 2011
    hey evryone if anyone has any tips on how to sex thier chicks plz share my 16 chicks are due in 4 days
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    Unless they are sex linked the best way is to wait. Vent sexing takes an expert. It is hard to tell on vent sexing and you can accidently hurt them. Feather sexing I have never had much luck on. Barred Rocks you can usually tell by the head spot and coloring. Head spot small and defined girl, large and splotchy boy and coloring darker girl lighter boy. Welsummers, the V on top of the head, straight and defined girl, jagged and messy boy. In straight combed chickens, usually by 3 weeks the bigger the comb and starting to pink a boy. The girls usually stay small and biege color. Boys will get the beginings of a wattle sooner. Sometimes you can tell by the way the act. Fearless usually indicates a boy but not always. Boys tend to feather slower than girls. Hope this helps a little.
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    Some breeds are really hard to sex early on (from what I've read and heard) and I apparently have a breed that is hard to tell - bantam Easter Eggers. However, just to see, I tried feather sexing my wee ones when they were about 3 days old. I should have done it earlier (like the day I got them) because I missed a few roos. [​IMG] It did work, though. I counted and marked 5 roos when I feather sexed them at 3 days old and all of them are indeed very roo looking at just over 5 weeks.

    There was a thread that showed pics and actually explained a lot about feather sexing but I can't seem to find it. I'll see if I can, and until then, this thread may help a little:

    site might help, too:

    : I found a post with better pics. [​IMG] (Post #6 by Livinwright Farm)
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    Here is a great thread that talks about sex links. The feather sexing is at the bottom of the first post.

    Tadkerson’s Sex Link Thread

    There are a few breeds where you can make some fairly good guesses when they hatch, but for most you cannot tell at hatch unless the parents are set up very carefully. And even then, don't bet the ranch on an individual. For example, the size of the spot and coloring on the barred rocks is a good indication, but it is easy to make mistakes. You should bat well above 50% but usually not 100% with them.

    The feather sexing the thread above is only good right around hatch and it only works if the mother is pure for slow feathering and the father is pure for fast feathering. Many people get confused on that. The tendency for pullets and roosters to feather out differently is totally unrelated to the fast feathering gene and only kicks in several week safter hatch.

    Editted to add:

    I did not say that well. If the parents are set up properly, it is easy to tell, whether red sex link, black sex link, or feather sexing. But for many of the tricks with the individual breeds, those are more indications that real real precise. Someone with experience can do pretty good with the barred rocks for example, but even then there can be mistakes.
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