All my baby turkeys died... :(


11 Years
Aug 20, 2008
Shepherdsville, KY
Not sure what happened.... I had three females sitting on a variety of eggs (turkey, duck, chicken) about 30 eggs

As it got near the due date I moved the pipping ones indoors to a bator and then as they hatched to a brooder.... They did fine for a week or so then started to die off....

I put pebbles in the water and food, showed them time and again where the water and food was, added some starter booster to the water, gave them 26%? protien food, and still none lived...

After about 20, we decided to see if they did better out with the moms.... well, none of those lived more than two or three days....

Got lots of chicks and ducks that lived but no turkeys...

Anyone help??



Flock Mistress
11 Years
Jan 9, 2009
south Florida, Pompano Beach
Ohhhh, I'm so sorry about your babies. Sometimes you just can't find out what caused them to die. Turkeys are so cute too. Will you be hatching out any more? If so, hopefully this batch will fare better for you.

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