All my hens and rooster are beating up one petite hen... what to do?


8 Years
May 27, 2011
We have 6 hens and one rooster, all about the same age. They have been happily living together for two years, and in the past month or so one little hen has been ex-communicated! She won't roost with them anymore, and the rooster is being mean to her too. I even saw him grab her comb with his beak and swing her around!!!! It was awful! Our rooster, Karl, is otherwise very kind, the nicest rooster I have ever had. I don't know what to do? Should I give Scrappy (the bullied hen) away to a better home, or will another hen just fall to the bottom then? Really not sure what to do. Any thoughts??? Thanks!!!
I've seen a social breakdown in a much larger flock...about 100 birds with one roo (wasn't supposed to be in the box). After about 1 1/2 yrs the whole flock fell apart and started tearing each other to pieces. Many hens were singled out and black-balled from the group as a whole. After much effort, the final resolution was removing the rooster. Once he was gone, peace settled back across the hen houses. Not sure if it would help in your case, but some food for thought.
I saw a tv show where a film crew was following wild horses and one had given birth and the new colt couldn't or wouldn't stand up in the normal amount of time and after many hours the alpha male of the pack, came over and started to trample it to death. It was very weird to see the alpha trying to be nice and nudge it up and then turn violent and kill it, but in your case maybe your chickens are aware of something medically wrong with the puny one and are trying to do the cull thing before you have to.
I was thinking that might be what it is, maybe there is something wrong with her that I don't see... She is just such a sweet hen!! It makes me sad... She isn't puny by her breeds standards, she is an ancona, it is just that the other girls we have are just bigger breeds. Thanks for the ideas. I may give her to a different family.
I would seperate her from the flock . Keep her seperated & then one night while they are roosting put her back in with the flock & keep an eye on her. If they continue beating her up give her away. Or you could isolate the roo & see how the flock acts toward her then.

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