all of my Maran hens stop laying?????

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  1. krupatex

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    Jan 1, 2010
    I have 16 Maran hens with two roosters. We've had some about a year and some about a year and a half. We've had no problems getting them to lay until the end of last summer (Sep. 09'). At the end of the summer we moved them from one area of the farm to another, not far from the original place. Before they were moved, they were free range with a hen house. In their new spot they are in a large coop attached to a large outdoor run that is covered with chincken wire to keep them in and other things out. Since they have moved they have not laid a single egg to our knowledge. Nothing has changed but the fact that they are no longer able to roam as free range hens. We had eggs last winter so I don't understand why they aren't laying now? What could it be???
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    Nov 21, 2009
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    maybe they are not getting as much protein as when they were free ranging.. I read to feed em a lil cat food. Yesterday I tossed a handful out and then hens went scratching and pecking around to find it.

    This morning I got three eggs before only one of my hens was laying.

    Im new.... so thats the best I got for ya.

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