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    May 6, 2008
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    well it wasn't as many as i had hoped but for my first time i think i did pretty good. three turkey eggs hatched but one didn't make it. again though i think i did pretty good and my son is happy. i got a little feathered leg bantam from the barnyard mix so if it's a boy my daughters snowflake can have a boyfriend. i ended up with four golden buff things and they are pretty. supposed to be big birds. the eggs were almost as big as the turkey eggs. i am very pleased with the new babies. i still have 4 cochins in the bator, 11 guineas and some various eggs from my girls so the fun is not over yet. i am so glad i did this. i need to do some work on my hatcher and i think i found the perfect box. the kids really enjoyed this too so my excuse about it being a homeschool project turned out to work. [​IMG] well here they are. the turkeys are camera shy but they are hiding in the corner with their backs to the camera. also for those that haven't done this but are tempted, i think it is definitely something to try.



  2. Congratulations...what a lovely bunch of babies!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Oh how adorable!! Thanks for the pics!

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