All The Reasons To Have Chickens.....(pics!)


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Aug 1, 2011
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Hi BYC!!! For my Biology Project me and my group decided to shine some light on the economical and enviromental reasons to keep chickens. Part of of the project is to try and involve the community and teach them about chickens. So I am posting here on BYC!Chickens have tons of uses, so here are all the reasons that evey responible person should keep chickens:)

1) Chickens are produce eggs that can be eaten, sold, or even hatched!
2) When your chickens get old, they can even become dinner.
3) Chicken poop is eggcelent fertalizer. ha ha
4) Chickens eat bugs like ticks that can carry diseases like limes disease.
5) Chickens often keep snakes away from surrounding areas
6) Chickens can eat many types of table scraps- less go in the trash!
7) My chickens are better watch-dogs than my german shepard.
8) Chickens are reletively easy to care for.
9) You can always get a good laugh by watching CHICK TV
10) When you have a bad day, you can go hug a chicken.

So there you have the top 10 reasons to have chickens! Here are some pictures that might help convince you if your not already sold:

Dont you keep chickens in your sink???

Never know when nap-time might hit!

Thanks For Looking BYC!!!
Chickens are eye candy....

The sole survivor of my SFHs NYD hatch... is it a boy or a girl?

Just put more water in the coop. It only got up to 92 today WAHOO!

Think they are thirsty?


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