All these big eggs??

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    My two red sexlinks are on a large egg-laying spree! They just start laying about three weeks ago, and already have delievered 3 double yolks and I got the call today from my mom one laid a 2.8oz egg and the other a 3oz egg! Are largest before this was 2.4oz... Already huge! They both lay an egg a day!

    The average size is about 1.6oz for the eggs so far, but we seem to be getting these super-eggs a few times a week! Strong, beautiful shells. Stiff, white fluffly whites. Amazing egg quality! I never seen white so firm and robust. Put store bought to shame.

    Ive been told the 3oz egg can not fit in a carton! I can't wait to see it when I go home. Sadly we did have a loss yesterday (white leghorn) and are down to three hens now. Might shop around and see if a local farm has a younger barred rock to add to the collection. Would like to keep a group of 4 of them. Anyway, sorry for off topic!

    Poor girls, with eggs that large! What causes such large eggs? Just random? Or does it mean they are happy and eating well? haha
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    It is common in pullets just starting to lay, as their system works out the kinks in the egg laying system. You might also get some fart eggs or shell-less eggs and it is all normal. Once they've settled into a good egg-laying routine, you'll probably see fewer of the double yokers.
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    I have some RSLs that after 8 months of laying are still throwing those HUGE eggs that fit into no carton. I'm actually not so much thrilled by it. Not to rant, but the breeding genetics on these birds for more and larger eggs has gotten just about silly. OK, done with rant. [​IMG][​IMG]

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