all those feed store chicks!


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5 Years
Feb 4, 2014
I am kicking my self right now. I should have known better, and I did, and I was weak and said yes, each time my little girl wanted "just one more, Momma?". I let her buy 16 chicks from the Feed store over about three weeks time. They are all doing well, but now that they are 6-8 weeks, guess how many roosters I have? I have sixteen Bantams, and 7 of them are roosters, and pets to boot. Now what? One plus, they are Bantams, and from the look of it, small ones. Wisdom tells me to get rid of them now and let hurt feelings heal over time. They are chickens. Highly edible and delicious in my book. My kids have different views, and they have suggested breeding. I am no chicken breeder. Youngest dreams of it. I am not sure why. At any rate, I am going to try to house each Rooster in his own house and small enclosure for the time being. Not sure where this is going, but it will be interesting.

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