All three geese gone broody...


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Jan 5, 2011
Hi all,

I posted most recently that one of my geese had gone broody (little Lembit). Well, for over a week, Lembit faithfully sat on her nest, and both Honoria and Hermione took turns when Lembit went to get food and water.

Then Honoria started sitting full-time alongside Lembit. And now Hermione has joined in. All three of them, sitting full-time. I think that Lembit and Honoria are sharing one nest, and Hermione has built her own, but Hermione is not being friendly, so I've not tried to look too closely.

They all look a bit bedraggled but are full of energy, especially when I approach the shed (honestly, I'm ashamed of their language!). I've risked my fingers to put a bowl of water in there for them and made sure the door can't shut on them. Is there anything else I ought to do?

Also, my poor gander, Titan, is very clearly feeling left out. He usually bullies and chases our ducks, but yesterday I caught him following them around and trying to sit with them, but they were understandably rather suspicious. So now I have one meek and friendly gander and three screaming fishwife geese... remind me again why I got them??
because they are really cute:)

Yes, and I'm afraid they know it.... Any advice on what to do with the girls? I'm a little worried because none of them seems to want to take a break.
If it worries you. Put a bowl of flockraiser in where they can reach it from the nest. My geese got so used to treats on the nest that I was allowed to approach and sit with in 4 feet of them. Poor hubby wasn't allowed within twenty yards of the leviathon (They conested = 2 headed goose monster.)
I suppose my three would be Cerberus - the 3-headed goose-monster of the Underworld!
Actually, when it was just Lembit and Honoria sitting, they were fine with me (they are the two friendliest). Then Hermione joined them, and they started getting really up-tight. I can still get into the shed to get at the food, though, so it's not too bad, but I have to remember to keep Titan away...

I'll try not to fret, then. The previous thread on the goose who was making herself ill sitting got me a bit worried.

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