All vegetable quail feed.


9 Years
Jan 25, 2010
Does anyone have a "recipe" for quail feed? I have a mill that will make what ever blend I want. I am still researching coturnix quail and would like to feed them organically. I don't have any idea of what would be a good mix. Anybody with ideas?
Quail can't be vegetarian. They have very high protein level needs. I'm sure you could doa basic grain recipe like chickens and supplement their protein needs with bugs/crickest/mealsorms etc. But they need the bugs. Also, they can eat scratch grains, but hey need grit to girnd themup, and when youdo switch them over from crumbles, do it slowly so their crops have enough time to adjust to them.
Vegtable= Grain... It Is Not Complete Nutrition For Any Gamebird And Especially Quail... There Is No Way To Get The Complete B Spectrum Vitamins Without Adding Animal Protiens. Lack Of B12 Will Cause Grievous Leg Problems In Quail And Do So Quickly. Most Commercial Feeds Get Around This By Adding "ruminant Bone Meal" Which Not Only Provides The B12 Also Boosts Calcium Content As A Bonus

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