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    I thought I might share this with the forum. I grow worms. 10’s of 1000’s of worms. I sell the worms, compost, the castings (pure earthworm fertilizer) and the compost tea that is diluted to 8:1 for flower garden, house plants or veggie plants. Really a win win in every direction. I give to neighbors and have plenty for me and my clients. Well my biz is getting going and I need more compost product, all veggie and fruits to keep it going. I went to the local grocery store not a national brand store but a local one and got friendly with the produce manager and he introduced me to his store manager and got permission for; old breads, muffins, bagels fruits and veggies for free. Not only free but more than I need so I started a huge compost pile for food only and plenty for my worms.

    Well now I have been supplementing a lot of the foods the girls eat with all this throw away stuff from the grocery store including broccoli, spinach, kale, lettuce, cabbage, and every kind of old semi spoiled fruits. My food cost to feed the girls now have dropped substantially being able to fill in with all this wasted foods.


    Do you folks do anything like this?
    If need more foods, might even try this idea?
    Healthy food for the girls for sure, don’t you agree?
    Doesn’t this sound like a great food idea in a time where every penny counts?
    I love finding deals, don’t you guys?
    What do you folks do to supplement the cost to have livestock and chickens and pets?
    Just curious what everyone else is doing about the cost to live and the rise in food for us and the animals?

    Thanks for your thoughts,

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    when my parent raised pigs they had talked to a bread outlet and they gave them tons of outdated bread to feed to the pigs which they of course loved!

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