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  1. Hello Wizard. Beautiful picture of your rooster. Is he a youngster? Nubs on legs tells me he is but he is a breed not familiar to my knowledge. Is this the breed of chicken you free range in large numbers?
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    Beautiful story sad but also inspiring. Out of bad times even better times can grow. Good luck with all your future ventures [​IMG]
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    Hi Loin,
    Glad to see you again! Love your spirit! I applaud your land on your feet spirit! Don't leave us in the dirt! Keep us up to date on you !

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    Best wishes with your future endeavors. I hope you and your family are very happy.
  5. He is my original rooster. I have had him for four years and I think he may be 6 or 7. His name is Captain and is the ONLY chicken named on the place. I was told he is a male Red Sex Link. I have no "breed". Perhaps, in time, I will raise Buckeyes since I live in Ohio, but I love my mutts. I am not a purebred and neither are my chickens.
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    Thanks for the update. And hopefully you won't be so scarce around here.

    Toasting with a glass of lemonade and a funnel cake [​IMG]
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    I'm so sorry that things haven't worked out the way you planned. With all your energy I'm sure there is something out there for you to tackle and succeed at. Love reading your posts. :). sue
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    I think I can safely say that there are many of us who have been there and can somewhat knowingly sympathize - the great news is that everything is temporary. Things change and do get better - I admire your tenacity and perseverance through all of this. Some people just give in and give up - you just keep going. Keep playing that piano - our prayers are with you. [​IMG]
  9. I generally avoid social or personal commentary on this forum. I have facebook for that. It doesn't mean if I don't comment that I don't care. I do.

    When I read your link I was nodding silently. You're going through some 'life' right now. We all get our fair share if we live long enough. Some of us get it in little chunks. Some of us get it thrown at us in brick form and the bricks keep coming for a while. I don't talk in 'bumper sticker' speak but I can tell you this coming from someone that had a storm of bricks for some years. Most of the time the storm will let up and a year from now you will be looking back and wonder how you got to where you will be. It's called time. Time moves on. Things are ever changing. I hope a year from now we are talking on this thread about the amazing new ventures you will be involved in and you will again be making us all laugh with your direct sense of humor.
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