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    Mar 6, 2012
    Hey everyone,
    I've posted similar topic before but could not locate that thread. I got lots of wonderful advise so.. hopefully I will this time.
    Several weeks maybe a month ago I posted that one of my hens started with a cough. No mucus no nasal discharge just a cough. So I bought some tylan 50 injectable and treated the one hen for 5 days. Well then the others started. I have 26 birds and thats just too labor intensive when I have to do it all my self. So i went and got some oxytetracylcine and treated them in their water of 14 days straight.1 teaspoon per gallon. ALl of the birds were coughing, now its back to just the original bird that was coughing. She is still coughing. She is active, eating like a hog( we call her Missy Piggy cause she is always the first in line for treats.) pooping all seems well. I just cant get rid of this stupid cough. How long before I can restart them all on the antibiotic? Im thinking I may have too.
    I have checked all around the coop for anything moldy and found nothing. We have been very dry here, but I don't think that has anything to do with it.
    Also now that I have treated the entire flock for 14 days straight., How long do I have to wait til I can start keeping the eggs?
    Thanks in advance

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