Almost 6 moths old roosters not crowing


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Aug 15, 2019
We have one orange rooster who started crowing a month ago and two others as large as him and the same age - one gray and one white. But they don't crow. Why aren't they crowing? Are they just shy? I read about roosters crowing at merely 4 weeks old.
I have 2 brother roosters together, they are 9 months old and one's been crowing for a few months now while I've only heard the other one crowed twice. I think the less dominant roosters tend not to crow as much if they are around the more dominant roosters.
I wish mine didn't crow , one of the young cockerels likes to start symphonies even if he isn't the main flock rooster, and jerk gets the hens hens and the other 2 going then runs away and hides from the main rooster

note trouble maker is getting ready to go to freezer camp even though he's a heritage breed haven't been able to find someone to take him
Have you tried posting on local backyard chickens Facebook groups? That's worked well for us :)
yep even offered to send one hen with him as I have Rhode Island whites 2 roosters and 2 hens no luck, hatch date for them was 3/6/19 and they are already producing fertilized viable eggs
I heard the white rooster crowing today for first time when he was lonely and isolated. I think he and the gray aswell are a just to crow in front of others.

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