Almost done, but habitable now.

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  1. NovaAman

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    Ok, I have never built a thing in my life, but as God made me a woman, I can take it! Well, do it. LOL.
    [​IMG] I know it looks crooked, but it was all squared before I moved it into position. I build it on the pavement so I would be able to have it strait. I did put in vertical supports. Maybe I should have put them in before moving it...

    [​IMG] and almost completed
    [​IMG] side with the window, chicken picture window style! Facing south so they have a view of the trees. I am thinking of putting a few window cut outs in the doors too.

    Well, I still need to roof it so it won't be leaky, but that will be next weeks paycheck, for now it has a plastic sheet attached to the top to keep water out. Still need to do trim work, but I can do that while the chickens are clearing the undergrowth in the trees, and boy do they ever. Still need to paint also. Was considering just wraping the whole thing in tar paper siding? I know what I am wanting to say.. but not sure what its called. The roof does slant to the back, I just hope its a steep enough one to keep pushing the snow off easy. I am still going to build a covered winter run, but that will be an October project. I know its simple, kinda rustic, but again, I know NO carpentry... Well I guess I do now. I am using small drawers for next boxes. They are place just inside the center door that just flips up so I can reach in and get the eggs and then close it. THey are not placed under the roosts, but I am considering putting a shelf over top of them... We'll see.

    I have had to put the cluckers in every nite so far, they keep wanting to go back to the tiny coops... I hope they get it soon. LOL.
  2. NovaAman

    NovaAman Overrun With Chickens

    It does have a roof, its just not shingled... Oops.
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    Mar 15, 2011
    North Texas
    For never having built anything I'd say you did ok...

    For me, I get paralyzed by thinking about how to build anything. It takes me days to figure out how I want to approach a building project. For example, I bought a coop a few weeks ago. It took me a week to figure out where to place it on our property, how to raise it off the ground (which was more a problem of how I was going to lift the several hundred pound coop and get it onto the cinder blocks). Heck, since that day I've been trying to figure out how to build an attached run (I just bought the 4x4's and some 2x6 for the baseboard this weekend).

    so, my hats off to you!
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    Jun 14, 2011
    Thats not bad. Thats about what I did too. We built ours on cement too and then leveled it after we moved it to the grass, since the grass wasn't level and we had to dig out a couple of the feet to make it level. But sometimes it still looks uneven or crooked, its an optical illusion. We couldn't change anything now even if we had to, but we keep getting the level out and checking it and its still level.

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