Almost finished,"Muscovy House" Pics!

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  1. We're almost finished building our Muscovy duck house. Execpt for the hinges and latch on the pop door everything was with recycled materials (Pallets, old storm door) or stuff we already had laying around for a few years. We want to put up roosting shelves inside to allow for more space since it's doesn't have a lot of floor space but it's intended for mostly night time use and broody ducks. [​IMG] We don't plan on overwintering more than 5 Scovies & if we do keep more they can stay with the chooks in their shed. We will set up a temp. net fence for a week or so till the Scovies get use to their new digs away fm the chooks and the ducklings(due to hatch in a few more days) grow out just a bit. Our plan is to free range them unless they start wandering over to the neighbors or we loose to many to predators.
    Humble beginnings
    House is 98% complete! Just need roosting shelves, pine shavings & a few tweeks to take care of.
    Back side w/pop door
    We will also be setting up some comfy logs for them to roost on and I have a "Muscovy House" sign I'm working on.

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    I absolutely LOVE this idea!!!! [​IMG]

    I think it's brilliant that your putting it under the pines.

    I have several of those type of pine trees in an area.

    They are wonderful at keeping the elements out. Wind, Sun, Snow etc.

    You've done a fine job building your Muscovy House...

    Thank you for the pics [​IMG]
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    Oct 2, 2008
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    Very nice, what will you put on the floor? Hay? Shavings? Etc?

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    It's lovely!
  6. We'll be putting pine shavings down though I do like the idea of
    outdoor carpeting/astroturf that can be taken out and washed down every couple of days. If you had two or three pieces you could take one out and replace it while you washed & let the first piece dry in the sun. I haven't a clue as to how cost effective that would be since I haven't researched it yet. I just know I go through an aweful lot of pine shavings w/the chooks already.

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