Almost Finished


12 Years
Mar 10, 2010
Richwood , Ohio
The chicks are here ( post on new chicks) and the coop is nearing completion. I need to cover the run and put the varmit proofing around the bottom, put in some kind of vinyl floor, and run electric out to it. The coop is 8' X 8' & the run is 24' X 24', with the coop in one corner. The 3 windows face south, there is a window on the east, and vents east, south, and west. The roost is on the north wall, no vents too close to avoid drafts. I insulated the ceiling and all walls. covered the walls with particle board 4', then drywall up to the ceiling.
I plan to use hardware cloth for the first 3' plus a 1' apron at the ground , then chicken wire above that plus chicken wire over the top. I am retired so I will be around during the day to discourage varmits and I hope to have the girls locked in the coop at nite. There are also 4 Corgis in their own yard who wil raise h**! if any varmits come around during the day.
Thanks to everyone for the instructive posts and all the other help we got from this site, this our first chicken experience so we're learning.
Bill & Chris



Easter Hatch!!
10 Years
Jul 17, 2009
oooohhh....fancy. I love it.

Come tell my DH to make me something pretty. He's a metal guy so everything at our house is metal, and gray. Not because he can't paint it, but because he likes gray.

No pretties. I shall live vicariously through you.

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