Almost laying pullet won't leave roost


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Apr 11, 2016
Hi Everyone,
I have a 17 week old EE pullet who's comb has turned bright red within the last couple of days. Usually she leaves the coop and free ranges with the rest of the chickens, but today she stood on the roost all day. Not roosting, just standing there. Is this a normal behaviour? Is it just her getting ready to lay or could she be egg bound? any ideas or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
I opened the nesting box two days ago and my rooster jumped into one and encouraged her go to in one, but I haven't seen her in one since. She is standing on the roost so when I walk up to her she doesn't squat, she just side shuffles away so I can't touch her.
I thought so too. She is not sitting, She is standing up. I haven't seen her off the roost all day, so I don't know if she is eating or drinking. I go out and check on them every couple hours, so she may be. I have my food and watering system in the coop. As for being lethargic, she moves pretty fast when I try to touch her.
mine will do that if they are getting picked on by the older layers. it's funny the mean rooster does purr at them and try to coax them into the boz to nest, about died laughing when he looked like he was trying to lay an egg.
They can act pretty weird at or near POL.
You might want to take her off the roost at night and take a good look at her vent and abdomen just to be sure there's not a problem there.
Thanks for all the advice, she did venture off the roost today. I will still try to feel her belly and check her vent tonight just because it is so out of character for her. I don't think she is being picked on, I'm pretty sure is high on the pecking order.

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