Almost lost a roo today

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    Aug 31, 2008
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    When we first got chicks, we converted our horse shelter to a coop. When something got in and killed two of our three, hubby built a secure coop inside the shelter. The wall of the coop doesn't quite meet the wall of the shelter because of the 3 X 8 connecting the walls of the shelter at the bottom.

    Today, when the DDs got home from school, as usual they ran out to the chicken house first thing. A few minutes later, the 8 YO came running in to tell me that Holley (our NHR roo-let) was stuck behind the wall upside down. I went running out there thinking he was a goner and I was going to retrieve a body for burial. Poor guy was alive but couldn't move at all. I tried to nudge him with a hoe and a rake, but I was afraid I would hurt him. So, somehow I managed to drag the coop away from the wall far enough so that DD could sneak back there and get him.

    He was a little shaky on his feet at first, but seems to be okay. I can't imagine how he got back there in that kind of position, I'm just glad the DD's found him when they did. Guess hubby and I need to brainstorm a way to block that area so it can't happen to anyone else.

    Here's a picture of the coop so you can get some idea of where he was stuck and what I moved.

    Sorry for the novel. [​IMG]
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    Nice coop...Lucky roo-let...Glad he was okay.
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    [​IMG] lucky little roo

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