Almost lost one last night what should I do please.


12 Years
Jan 1, 2008
I have never had a hawk attack (or any other pred) my Pug (Of all dogs) started to bark sharply warning me of trouble.
I live on a wildlife preserve and is is shocking this is the first attack.
I ran to the door made sure it was not a bear or fox and klet my dog go.
I heard the hen screaching very loudly and I heard sounds of feathers flappping. My dog jumped the bird catching him off guard and the hawk started to fly, unsteadily away with my hen in he grasp. the dog took one more lunge at him and the hawk let her go. She fell about 6 feet to the other side of the fence and screahed more.
I ran to get her and she was in one piece, no blood and didn't appear to have any broken parts. I soothed her and set her in the coop by the water jug.
She has not left that spot in 30 hours, she won't eat or lay eggs.
Any ideas on what to do or what I might expect? Will she just die like that of fear?
She may have some trauma from the fall, especially if it was over 6 ft. I would just keep a close eye on her and make sure that she starts to eat and drink by the AM. Chickens are very tough birds! I hope she's alright...
Thanks so much for the quick reply.
I go out and talk softly to her every hour or so. I put food, I just noticed that she is deficating enough so she may be eating.
I will certainly keep my eye open.
Tomorrow i am making a smaller corner of my property and centering in on safety. I am going to let the bruch overgrow so they can hide. She was grabbed in the open area.
Thank you
it isn't uncommon for them to go off lay for a time after an attack. Most of them recover.

If you have any blank cd's, you can hang them from trees. Something about the light reflection seems to scare them somehow.
She might feel safer in a dog crate or similar set up for awhile. I think she'll be ok, just takes awhile to recover from something like that. If you're really worried about her eating try offering her some scrambled eggs.
now thats a good dog!

is there a lot of cover in her yard/run? can you put some things out there for them to hide under? we have a lot of tall ornamental grass and all the hens run for it when the hawks fly over. or maybe make kind of a trellis/arbor with some lightweight lattice??

let us know how she does - that gal has really had a shock! and give that good dog a bone
I am spoiling my "Buddy" rotten, he is a black pug and not intended to herd chickens but he did a fantastic job and I am so very proud of him. And yes he got more than his share of treats and hugs and is still getting them. He is the best dog ever for me.

I am taking the morning tomorrow to making a fenced in area where there are lots of bushes and tall weeds, I am going to run heavy but pleasing cording from the house to the fench in the open area and hang some distracting elements (?) to scare off the hawks. BOYD that is a great idea about the CD's I do have some extra. and Kittymom I can do the scrambled eggs, I actually gave her some spaghetti, you know they love that.

She usually hides but she is in full molt and may have been distracted and out in the open. I thought I had everything covered, I have a low deck they sleep under, i keep the trees hanging low in a very large area, I have raspberry bushes they just love to eat all the low or fallen berries, they are in chicken heaven here.

Thanks for all your suggestions. I guess, or hope I will know by tomorrow, i only hope she comes out in the air.

Now I need a nice cool drink if you know what I mean, and I don't drink.
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