Almost ready for chickens!


12 Years
Sep 28, 2010
Farmington, NM
Well the coop is almost ready. Pics to come soon.
Now I need to find 4 adult laying hens.

Adults because I really do not want to spend a bunch of money on brooding stuff.

We are limited to 4 by city ordinance.

So the question is where can I get some hens?

We live in Central Oregon BTW.
Would prefer RIR though any cold hardy birds would do.
You might check on Craigslist for your area - many folks wish to sell them this time of year so they don't have to care for them through the winter. Or, check at your local feed store - they typically know local breeders.
Wish you were close, I'd sell you some.

As said, try craig's list or go to the Oregon thread and see if someone there has some extra birds.
You could check out Craig's list for your area, although I think the suggestion of posting an ad about what you would like might be even better. You might check the Oregon thread, or go to the Urban Farm Store Portland home page and to the links page after that. I think that you might find some helpful info---there are periodic auctions. I'm not sure about your area, but I was directed to one in Vancouver recently, and was told there used to be one in the Canby area. (I live south of Portland). Good luck!
Here is what I would try
1. Craigs list.
2. Feed store, workers may know someone plus bulletin board.
3. Nickel savers adds
4. Check your states thread at where I am where are you. This would be your best bet even if you have to travel. Try to get POL (point of lay) pullets. With any of the other options 1,2,3 you might be sold some older hens on the decline cause it hard to tell the difference. Good luck with the search.
P.S post pics of coop
Google to see if there are any local poultry groups in your area. Check your local 4-H to see if there are any kids with chickens available from their breeding programs.

What is this having everything ready BEFORE you buy the chickens? This is such a strange thought!
I have to agree with all of the suggestions on here. I would like to suggest that where ever you get your hens, try to get all four from the same place. That way you won't have to go and do the whole quarantine route. I hope you have as much fun with your hens as I have had with my chicks this year. Never owned chickens before this year and was so surprised at how addicting they can be!

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