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    My coop will be finished enough to use after this weekend. We just need to get the clean out door on and some glass in a window. Minor touch up's with the paint brush will follow. I had planned to get 3 hens from my brother that have just kicked into full gear with egg laying. He was keeping them for me until I was ready to take them. Unfortunately, every last one of them were killed by a weasel two nights ago. Argh ! I feel so bad for him.
    I was not able to locate any new egg layers or pullets or chicks anywhere at this time of year, but was able to find a breeder who is thinning out his flock for the winter. The girls are 18 months old, but I'm sure they will be fine for a year or so. They will be my first chickens. Since I live in New Hampshire, I chose birds that are hardy in this area. I am getting one NH Red, one Rhode Island Red and one Plymouth Barred Rock. I will be picking them up on Tuesday after work. I'm sooooo excited! [​IMG]
    I am counting the minutes til I pick them up.
    I plan to do a coop page in the very near future, but if you want a sneak peek at it, I may put up a pic tomorrow afternoon when I have more time to upload a few. Like I said though. It's not quite finished. We will get it done this weekend!!!!! Yea!!!!!!![​IMG]
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    Sep 21, 2011
    sorry about your girls:( but yeah for getting some more. looking forward to seeing the pics [​IMG]

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