alot of sick hens

chicken poo

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Jan 11, 2012
newville pa
here is what i have forst of all...
7 white rock pullets 7 red sex links 1 d'uccle 1 ameracauna 2 RIR 4 white leghorns 8 mysteries 1 gold buff roo 1 whiteleghorn roo 1 jersey giant cross roo and a double breasted bronze turkey

so last week i noticed that all of my sexlinks were sneezing and now so is my millie...
someone.. dont know who.... has the runs and another has a what looks like blood vessels in its poop seen this all a week and a half ago...

now this past week i havent seen any runs or bloody poop but all of the ones that were sneezing are still sneezing..and now have raspy chests with clear stuff coming from the nose...

All chickens are all together they have free run of the property about 3 times a week they all eat good and drink good
feed them a mixture of corn, pellets, and layer crumbles

when i noticed all this going on i started them on what a lady told me to use started with a "t" it was a yellow powder that turned their water brown...gave it to all of them! still no change in any of it...doesnt seem to be passing from chicken to chicken just since i put in the red sex links..all roos are healthy as well

also the only ones that seem to be sick are the ones that are molting..except the nillie shes only a few months old

any help would be appreciated...

oh by the way my chickens only seem to use the coop at night which has a red heat lamp in it 24/7 now that its cold my coop isnt really big but it seems to be enough for them for now while i'm building the new one...also the run is three 8x10 dog pens put together
and when i keep them in the run a do go and get fresh green grass (that i can find) and some onion grass

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