Alpacas in Granville NY

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    My aunt is an alpaca farmer who's retiring, so I told her I'd help her sell her alpacas. All of them are registered and microchipped, and up to date on shots. They're friendly with humans, produce great fleece and, as an added bonus, they protect poultry! They've even stomped a few foxes to death in their day when the foxes went after my aunt's ducks, chickens, and geese. She sold her trailer, so if you buy these guys you'll have to pick them up and transport them yourself. I put the pictures up in the order that I listed these guys, so you know who's who when looking at the pictures!

    'Sevaro' is a light fawn/white male who is intact. He is a blue ribbon winner. $350.

    'Renegade' is light brown/white gelded male who has taken 4th, 3rd, and 2nd at various shows. $250.

    'Pinnacle King' is a light fawn gelded male. $250.

    'Big Jake' is white gelded male. $250.

    'Arturo' is a white gelded male. $250.

    'Wind Dancer' is a medium brown and bay black intact male. $350.

    'Diego' is a black intact male. $350.

    'Renegade's Dakota' is Renegade's son. He is medium brown/white and intact. $350.

    'Senor Cinco' is a dark brown male who is intact. $350.

    'Solitaire' is a white female. $300.

    'Cashmere' is a white female. $300.

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