Alright guys, let's here about some spoiled house chickens!

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    Let's hear about your house chickens!

    I have three 6 month old bantams in my room right now. I don't think they will be going outside for some time since i love them so much and they are pretty tiny. They are really a hoot and even sleep in my bed like puppies. I love them so much and they are so endearing. They get to go outside in their baby pen when it's nice out, but they sleep inside at night with me!

    Ever since the death of Miss Puffles I have been reduced to just my regular, not as friendly chickens who don't like harnesses and all that stuff quite as much. I have been missing my House Chicken and thought I'd recruit a couple more.

    Next is teaching them all the adorable tricks that everyone else knows! They already fly up onto my shoulder and sit on my head.
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    My friend has only HOUSE chickens - special needs silky mix Roo and 2 serama hens. One decided she was broody months ago. Well her version of broody. She commandered the dogs bed, and is sitting on absolutely nothing.. She fights her hatch mate if she shows up in the area, and the roo & dog are scared too death of her. She takes frequent breaks to chase the others- eat till her thighs explode, and play - poo,- then scoots back to her nest? We don't know if she is practicing or what. She hasn't laid eggs in a coon's age and when she and her buddy did, both of them were egg eaters.

    The other hen jumps in my friends lap to get her feet warmed and watch tv.

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