***Alright, my quail are hatching!!! PIC's Added!!


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Mar 21, 2009
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Well, its happening, my babies are having babies!! I took 105 eggs from my quail that i hatched in the spring and i stuck them in the incubator to see what happens, well, its happening, the first chick just popped!! The funny thing is i just took them out of the turner last night as they were due to hatch on Fathers Day, needless to say they are a little early!!

On another note............this whole recessive/dominant thing has me puzzled as i have an A&M chick, which was the first to hatch, that egg came out of the pen with the A&M hens and the Tuxedo Rooster, so i guess with the Rooster being half A&M and half Tibetan + the full A&M hens the little chick is 3/4 A&M!! Curious to see if there will be any blotching when it grows up!

And i am starting to think that hatching Coturnix is not much of a science at all as i did some experimenting this round, i even had the humidity drop down to 33% two times for a full day each time. The temp was averaging 100.1 degrees in a forced air Hovabator with a high temp of 101 and a low of 98.

The humidity when the chick hatched with no problem at all was 55%. There are a lot more eggs pipping now as well. I will have another report this evening!!...............Jason



So far i have 53 quail: 5 A&M, 11 tux's and the rest browns, goldens and tibetans!! A couple of the tux's look like penguins, all white bellies and black backs!! Things are going good!!
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for the most part they hatch easy but i have had times where i just couldnt get a hatch for nothing.those are the days you just wanna forget about it for a while.


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Jul 18, 2008
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hum ive never tried A & M hens over a tuxedo roo. Normally I try an A & M roo over tuxedo hens to perfect the tuxedo coloring. That may be why you got an A & m instead of a tuxedo. Just a thought. I have yet to get any A & Ms from a tuxedo pen where A & M was used (as a roo).

I also agree there really isnt a science to hatching coturnix quails, pretty much treat them like any other egg and wala you get chicks!


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I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but it seems that any time I hatch A&M's they always hatch early!! Usually like day 15, 16 at the latest. I have had hatches of nothing but A&M, then I have had hatches of A&M and jumbos. The A&M always hatched before the jumbos, and the times they were alone, they hatched day 15.

As for the color of the chick, it is simply genetics. The roo is made up of 1 gene for A&M, and 1 gene for tibetan. This produces a tuxedo look in the male. The females are made up of 2 genes for A&M, since it is recessive. They have to have 2 genes in order for it to show up. So since the roo has 1-A&M and 1-tibetan, and the hens have 2-A&M, you should get 75% of the chicks as A&M, and 25% as tuxedo, or roughly 25 of every 100 chicks hatched would be tuxedoed.
In my tuxedo pen, where the hens and roo are all tuxedoed, I get tibetan, tuxedo, and A&M chicks from their eggs

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