Alrighty...gonna give you one more chance..what is this? LOL!


8 Years
May 14, 2011
Smoky Mountains
We've posted a pic of this bird at different ages. It's now around 17 weeks old. It was part of a "rare pullet special" from Ideal. Not going to say what we have been considering. I'll let you go at this all by yourselves!

Check out the white earlobes. Also, what's with that freaky comb? Flat until it gets to that little spot at the back where it peaks.

What they said.
The White Leghorn should lay better than a Dark and Light Leghorn. (assuming you got them from a hatchery)

They are good looking birds. I've owned brown leghorns before, but not these. In the same order, we got some rose comb brown leghorns, and what might be light brown leghorns as well. Good thing we were looking for some white egg layers for the flock ;-)

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