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    I have 5 Key West hens and 2 roosters. I only keep 1 rooster in with the hens. The other is in his own pen. I would like to start selling eggs but want to use the other rooster also, since he is younger and prettier. If I take out roo #1 and put in roo #2 for a week, will the resulting offspring be both roosters? How long will it be before roo 2s sperm are also in the works? I dont need for them to be all his, just would like for some of them to be in there.

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    The offspring has to be fertilized by one or the other. To get offspring from both, alternate them a month at a time, you need to have the new roo in with the girls for about three weeks before you can be sure he is the father of the chicks. Also, you should consider that the girls might not take to this at all. They might not let the other roo mate them, or might decide that they like the 2nd roo better and then not accept the original roo anymore. Is there a way to put a couple of the girls in with the second roo in their own pen??
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    I would also recommend splitting up the hens with the different stags/cocks. Put your two best hens with the best rooster and use them as your breeding stock.
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    hmmm, never thought of them not liking one of them.
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    There is a style of breeding called hound dog breeding where you have a group of really nice hens (they can even be related) and a few roos, and what you do is every 7-10 days change roosters, it helps keep a genetically diverse flock.
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    Have you used this method?

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