alternative roofing?


10 Years
May 6, 2009
roofing for the run that is.... I have a couple of choices...

A: get metal roofing and put that on over the 2x4's.
B: do a plywood roof and put rolled shingles
C: do a plywood roof and find some sort of metally stuff to put on...

I'd prefer the top shiny metally so that the snow will fall off in the winter.... BUT, I am on a VERY tight budget and need to find the cheapest alternative. SOmeone mentioned soda cans as shingles... which I think is SUPER idea... but I dont have any and people use their cans to cash is 5c for each one... so I dont really have any access to any for free.

what else could I use for alternative roofing to put on the plywood since I think that will end up being the cheapest...
I found the corrigated metal was about the cheapest way to go. It comes in 16" width and from 8-12' in length. It's easy to work with and is about 10-15 bucks per sheet depending on length. I'm in the south so i'm not sure how it would hold up to snow. Good Luck
just make sure whatever you put up will withstand the weight of whatever you're using plus snow (the trusses). Thats the most important thing

if you use soda cans you will need to put some sort of silicone or rubber grommet on each nail hole that you drive (just like you would with any metal roofing material should you use it) or water will leak through.

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