alternatives to egg cartons?

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  1. so i've been thinking about how much i hate egg cartons. they are a thorn in my side. since i only sell eggs out of the house right now, i can use recycled (aka second-hand) egg cartons, which is nice since they're free and they aren't getting thrown away. but it's a pain in the butt to have stacks of egg cartons laying around the house!

    if i start selling eggs at the farmers' market, the cartons have to be new. that's another pain in the butt because it's more money i have to shell out AND it seems so wasteful.

    what i've been thinking about is a truly reusable egg carton. i've got this image stuck in my head:

    i don't love plastics, but i do think that those hard molded plastics have their place. but these apparently are only available to children. i've searched the internet for every possible word combination and still can't find one for real life use. a non-plastic option would be great, but the only thing i can think of that would work would be wood... and i can't imagine someone carving me a bunch of wooden egg cartons! [​IMG]

    ideally, i would find a source for these egg cartons, encourage my customers to buy them, and then they could just bring the carton to the market and i'd fill it for them from egg flats. i guess i could just as easily ask them to bring their pulp cartons back each time too, but i like the idea of the fancy molded ones better.

    ideas? anyone seen these anywhere? anyone want to carve me one? [​IMG]
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    Check here, these are for carrying eggs camping and stuff... $4.00 or something.

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    Quote:I have one of those. I find larger eggs don't fit very well in it.

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