Aluminum Shed Converted Into Chicken House-Just Starting- PIC HEAVY

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    Here is an old aluminum shed That has a good roof , and a working crank out window. The shed still has stuff in it from when we moved in 2 years ago. The bottom is not concrete but carpet layers over plywood?!( Landlord is famous for rigging everything instead of doing it right the first time)We have our work cut out for us.....

    This is the shed

    We cracked her open and began the battle against spiders and stinkbugs- pulling every last item out of it , we then took out the old "flooring" and wheel barreled in tons of sand. We have a water pump you can see on the left that we want to protect from the chickens and also theres piping going in and out of a cut spot in the aluminum- so we are building a 3 sided box to latch on to the wall- that will cover it and can be removed for maintanence . you can see a piece of chicken wire stuck up over the window- but we actually have hardware mesh to screw into the window frame instead because of BYCers great threads on past experience.

    This is the front door with damage to the aluminum along the bottom of the door and a slash on the right of it. we plan to put on both sides thick wood as like a "kick board" type of panel to secure it and same but smaller for the slash on the right


    Also dug out a trench on the front side thats in our fenced yard and have 2 big bags of concrete.. we plan to lay today after putting the chickens inside their coop because im worried about the airborne concrete dust clouds.....
    The other sides situated outside of our yard will have low lying electric wire (already setup , just have to run it to the pigs live fence which is a few feet away

    We wanted to get fancy but we figured we would change the game plan to make it easier on us for now.We sure have enough work to do to make the whole thing extra predator proof

    OK heres a shot of the finished water pump box & the hardware mesh covered crank out window on the right we have a shelf for the nest boxes and a ramp that we have to finish

    Concrete will be good to go by morning and i have another day off from work so we will get it done and the girls will be in it tomorow night.
    eventually we will pressure wash the outside and paint plus paint the water pump box to match.
    Cant wait to post pictures tomorow after more progress has been made
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    Apr 2, 2011
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    great progress.....Looks good !!! Can't wait for more pics!
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    Mar 4, 2011
    more pics [​IMG]
  4. Way to make use of the existing shed. Good job. And GO GREEN!
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    Thanks!- everythings recycled except the concrete mix which i paid $2.98 a bag... I have been collecting different materials for 6 months and i search the freecycle on craigslist for needed supplies
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    Looks like you are off to a great start! Can't wait to see it when you finish.
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    just this morning we scored 10 FREE pallets 48 x 46 in great shape- see theres a reason we didnt get it done yesterday [​IMG]
    Now this changes the whole gameplan- we will redo the one pannel of the pump box in wood instead of that metal grating.. im thinking of doing something with the pallets for flooring . The cement poured yesterday is ready to go today.
    still have to wire in the electric fence and fix the door to make it predator proof

    Pics will be added later
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    So far we have made alot of progress! with the electric fence live and in place and the concrete apron in the ground among many other predator proofing we have done i have put the chickens in it tonight [​IMG] [​IMG] Guess whos going out there every hour with a flashlight--- that would be me [​IMG]

    The hardware mesh covered crank window

    DH fixed the door and the gash

    This is Percy , watching us with such a glare , as if to say " why is my house a teepee compared to the chickens ?!?!"

    The cage furthest left is our silkie Mieshas cage seperate from the others due to a recent total head plucking event by her 2 SLW Foster kids , the 2 "nests" on the right are basically me and hubby trying to figure out which nest type they like the best

    this will have to do as a feeder until me an dh can build hanging water/feeders out of 5 gal buckets

    Mieshas brood..all grown up and looking to crap all over the water pump box and look cute while doing so lol i pretty much saw that coming

    We are currently searching for oops home depot paint in red and white or used ,etc and im looking into buying a used pressure washer... so it will look awesome inside and out when its completely finished
    also we plan to hang flower baskets and some sort of vintage chicken/farm tin sign
  10. JP101010

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    I am looking to get a female duck for Clyde.. any thoughts on building a duck section within this chicken house?

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