Am Growing Grass For My Girls.

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    May 19, 2011
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    After reading someones post (but can't recall where it was, since I read so many:p)The talk was about trying to grow grass in the run, but unless you has a chicken tractor, the grass would never get a chance to grow, because the ladies & gentlemen would eat it before it got established. Since I can not free range my girls in my back yard (it is big enough), but with two dogs I would not trust around the chickens. I had to think of another way to let my girls enjoy grass.
    Someone had suggests a salad bar, and another said about planting grass seed in a plastic dish pan. So I went & got some grass seed, and 4 dish pans (drilled holes in the bottom for drainage), and planted my first crop of grass. I think in one, I am going to do a few rows of carrot seeds. The girls have eaten most of the carrots I planted in the garden (me picking it for treats, not them getting into the garden).

    Will post pictures, as it progresses. Can't wait to see the girls reaction once it is ready, which should be in a couple weeks. My hubby planted grass seeds at a job site, and it was ready for it's first mow in two weeks after sewing the seeds.
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    I randomly yank various lawn weeds and clover from my yard and toss them in for the chickens. They play with it more than anything, but it's something to do with the weeds!
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    Great idea! i'll need to try that since my girls can't free range since (would kill all our grass). Not sure if the grass would stay in the shallow pot.

    -Noah [​IMG]
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    May 13, 2011
    I think I'd try something sturdier. I've got a clay pot that is about the size and shape of a bread pan. It could be sunk in the ground so they couldn't turn it over. Great idea though!
  5. Fldeb

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    Apr 19, 2011
    I got a pan at Lowe's it is about 2ft x 21/2 ft for about $7. I believe it is used for mixing "mud" in construction. I drilled holes in the bottom and planted two of them so I can rotate them in and out of the run. I plan and making a cover out of hardware cloth, I haven't figured that one out yet. I also have a windowbox planter that I have grass growing in that I cut and bring the grass to the girls. It is amazing how fast it grows.
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    I grew lettuce in regular nursery flats over the winter, and put it out for them to pick at. If you want 'cut and come again' you'll need to put hardware cloth over the top so they can't scratch the plants out of the soil. -Wendy

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