Am I a man or a husky female?

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    I added this one since it shows the color of the feathers better

    I have a 3 week (will be 4 week old on Monday 3/25) Bantam golden laced cochin. I am wondering if I can tell the sex yet. This bird LOVES to sit on my leg/jump on my arm and we call him/her "team leader" since it is the most outgoing chick. Here are some pictures taken 3/22. I can take more pictures if needed!

    The lighting was iffy, I'll try to take more later. Thank you for any input!
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    Apr 11, 2011
    Those little red wattles make me think boy, but I've had Cochin hens that started out with large combs and wattles. My favorite hen was such a bird. Something to watch for on partridges is feather color. Males will get vivid red patches when young, after they've matured most of their feathers are a pretty mahogany color. Females stay the more demur brown with black penciling. Your little chick already looks really red to me, but that could just be the picture. I've been able to sex most of mine by 5 weeks, so I say in a couple of weeks you should know for certain :)
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    I added a picture from a day earlier to show more of the body color too. Thank you for your input! I hope it turns out to be a hen but if I only have 1 roo out of this bunch I'll be happy.
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    looks like a partridge cochin pullet to me, roosters would have more black in the chest and more solid red splotches on the wings
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    Looks like a little roo to me. When the comb and wattles start developing before about eight weeks usually a roo plus the outgoing additude. Here is my black cochin pullet who is 7 weeks now for your reference.

  6. I am also thinking Boy by the Wattles at that age. But sometimes they fool you!
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    Thank you every one. I know partrige cochin was mentioned as well, could i have the breed wrong? I got the bantam assortment from cackle, so they said what breeds are usually included, so I went with the golden laced becuase it was on the list. they do see partrige cochins as well. I checked the little red cochin I have (same age) and it too is growing waddles but no red on the comb. These birds are going to drive me nuts!
  8. Here are some of my Gold Laced Project chicks, They are not Hatchey Stock. Just to give you an Idea! Yours does look like Partridge color, it is a pretty chick.



    Here is a couple Roosters 2 mths later up from these!

  9. Brandi Leigh

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    I would guess its a cockerel.

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