Am I an ameraucana Roo?


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Aug 30, 2011
Hey everyone! I got this guy(i think its a rooster) He is supposed to be ameraucana. I am almost positive it is a Rooster. The only reason I question this is because he does not in the least act like a Rooster. He sounds like a hen, acts like a hen, and is not performing his Rooster Duties
I am not sure what he is so any help would be great!

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He was the only Roo we had for some time but now we have another. He just was not acting like a roo at all so we have had to add antoher to our flock. Thank you. I thought he favored the Rhode island reds until I saw one at a show and he is way to light in color and his head looks slightly different. Thanks
Oh what a lovely boy you have
Yes mine looks nothing like him except maybe the tail will continue to grow and form like your Roo's. My neighbor thinks maybe my Roo is a cross. Yay for tractor Supply and their chicks (lol) Thanks for all you help. Its my first year with Chickens and I have to say Im fairly obsessed. I think my Fiance is ready to strangle me if I show him one more picture or make him watch our chickens for another afternoon
He is definitely a rooster - he might be slow in developing his crow and other male traits (some do not until 20 or so weeks). I agree, he is not an ameraucana! But he could be an Easter Egger (have some ameraucana in his genes) but his leg color and comb are wrong to be a true Ameraucana. I have 2 roosters and the beta rooster doesn't crow much (before he came he was crowing alot at my sister-in-laws) and he hasn't done any other dancing other otherwise around the hen. He and the alpha do want to go head to head but there is a fence between them. Good luck with your boy.
My hubby is the same way !
And he's the one who made me get chickens !
We started out with his limit of 6. We now have 20 Pullets and a Roo ! He works out of state for weeks at a time, and since he's been gone this time, 4 new pullets seem to have found there way into the coop. hahahaha. I wonder if he'll notice !

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