Am I bad for thinking of giving my goats away?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by FLchook, May 5, 2008.

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    Oct 27, 2007
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    As much as I hate to admit it, I am thinking of giving my goats away. They would go to a good home where they would be pets, and not dinner. Romp has become aggressive toward my 2 year old son. So I have to keep them locked up before Zach can come down to the barn with me.

    Ive had Brandy and romp since they were tiny little kids, and used to spend so much time with them. Id sit outside and read with them laying next to me, and walk them down to the mail box.

    Is he just jelous of Zach, and if I spend more time with them they will be kinder? I have to admit I dont spend much time with them anymore.

    As I ramble on I think that maybe ill just try sitting with them more, and see if they will still walk down the street with me. Id there hope for my sweet babies, is Romp just jelous? Or is Romp just aggressive by nature?

    Thanks for listening to me ramble.
  2. I would take them!! I love goats, but I may have a different opinion if I had little ones. My boys are older {12 & 14}, and they help me feed and care for the goats, but when my niece comes over {she is 3} I really have to watch her close because the goats get excited and curious and knock her down. so don't feel bad. It very well may be jealousy, of sorts, if you think about how goats act with each other, they will butt each other out of the way to get attention, well mine do at least. I would try introducing your son in slowly, maybe let him give them treats. where in Fl are you?
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  3. Are your goats fixed?? Do you have female goats on your farm or even near it??

    If they aren't fixed try neutering them and see how there temper changes...It is spring time and breeding season for most animals right now..(or at least here with our animals it is).

    I think I would try and work with them, but if they aren't fixed it could become a problem.....

    Just a suggestion...

    Hope you can come up with something...
    Best of luck with your goats....

  4. FLchook

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    Oct 27, 2007
    Orlando, Florida
    Ya, Romp is fixed. Brandy is his twin sister, so figured it would be best LOL.

    Oh, and Im in Oviedo, Florida. Few minutes North of Orlando.

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    I would try to spend more time with them. My friend had pet goats before she had her first kid and it was rough for a couple years but now her little girl is older she and the goats are best friends. She has even found her girl sleeping with the goats out in the field.

    But if you find you just do not have time and they would go to a good home where they would get played with it is OK to chose that also. When folks get pets of any kind then just dump them with out finding good homes is when its wrong. Any time you are looking at what is best for your pet, to keep or rehome. You are doing your animal a good service.

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    Our last goat born on our farm(before we got rid of the goats) was a billy that we had neutered. He was sweet and loved to be cuddled. Well, Duke(that was his name) grew up to be HUGE and the only problem we had was that HE didn't realize that he had grown up. So everytime you sat down, he would come galloping at full speed to sit on your lap. Not fun when he did that. I was wondering if maybe he's just playing, but too rough for human playmates.
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    Jan 9, 2008
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    my babies jump up on me if I sit down too. And they like to push me with their heads. No butting, they were taught early not to butt humans, but they will shove. They probably see your little one as somone their size that either needs to be taught the pecking order or as a playmate and they just don't realize that they are stronger. (just like they never seem to realize the difference between nibbling on your jeans and scraping the skin underneath!) You can try to keep them apart till the child gets a little older and try to spend some time handling the goats. By the time she is old enough, they goats will have settled down a bit too (hopefully) but if it is hard to keep them apart and your child is in danger of injury, then re homing them is not a bad idea.

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