Am I bad person? Set up a jerk driver. giggle giggle


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Apr 4, 2009
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Ok so yesterday I'm driving home from work in our new "man melt down car" as Sharon calls it.


And this jerk comes flying up behind me in a different model sports car, speeding up - slowing down - weaving in and out of traffic. Cut a couple people off and just acting crazy. When we get to the new 4 lane bypass around Washington, NC they fall in behind me - and I mean right behind me, scary close. Being that I drive this road every day and I could drive it in my sleep so I know the highway patrol has been setting up at the end of a long straight away. You can't see where they sit until you are right on top of them. Soooooooooooo I speed up, jerk speeds up and on and on then they get right beside me. I had them up to 95 coming to the end of the straight away and they gave it some more gas and pulled away. I slowed way down back to the speed limit and you will never guess who is sitting the the usual spot. Mr. NC highway patrol, I bet he clocked them at every bit of 100mph. He was already pulling out when I got there and the other car was slowing down.... I waved and beeped the horn when I went by. Am I a bad person? Maybe but it still makes me chuckle.



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I'm smiling

I did something similar once - well, it didn't involve the police, but it did involve a very inflated male ego who thought when he pulled up next to me that he was going to get the drop on me - the car looked like a beater, only because we hadn't done the outside of it yet, but we definitely had rebuilt that 327 - balanced, blueprinted, thumper cam, shift kit, the headers were closed. The light changed and he was choking on my dust.....we had to sell it, it was too fast, and we had a newborn (not in the vehicle). That was a fun car, a 70 Nova. I wish I had a picture of his face

By the way, that's a sweet ride!


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Oct 4, 2008
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Too Funny.
We used to do that all the time. There was a stretch of road construction that seemed to take forever for them to complete. We would go through there really slow and hold everybody up, The state patrol loved to set up just beyond it. So when we would get out of the worst of the construction all these cars would go zipping by only to have the state patrol pull them over. Needless to say, not only did they get speeding tickets but the fine was also doubled because it was a construction zone. We knew most of the state patrol in the area because we worked for a towing company and the state patrol knew our cars and they would always wave to us as we went by as they were writing out their tickets. It was soooo much fun especially if you had a real jerk behind you.


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I've had the extreme pleasure of seeing drivers like that get tickets, but you know you endangered yourself, the other driver, and especially a lot of innocent people on the four lane. My sister-in-law is still going through some severe medical problems more than a year after being T-boned by a reckless driver. She will never have a normal life again and will probably never see her grandchildren grow up. I just don't have any patience for people who don't understand how dangerous a car really is, not just to themselves but for innocent people. I don't know that you are an exceptionally bad person, probably not, but I could call you a lot of things that are not very complimentary.

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Am I a bad person?

Only if you put every other person on the road at risk, including yourself and the person you set up.

"A young girl sat in the back seat of her mothers' car and asked. Mommy when you drive are you ever the jerk?"

Think about it.



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A few years ago, Hubby and I were coming home late on a 2 lane road, pulling a trailer behind his pickup. At some point, a State Trooper caught up with us, and followed us for several miles. Suddenly, this car pulls onto the road ahead of us, and it's pretty clear pretty fast that the guy had no business behind the wheel. Onto the shoulder, weaving into the other lane, he nearly ran another car off the road. Scary! "That guy's gonna kill somebody!" Hubby said. I had an idea."Slow down." I said. "Slow way, way down." The State Trooper was probably too close to our trailer to have seen anything of what was happening ahead of us, so he probably thought we were just trying to get rid of him. When the speedometer dropped to about 25, he finally went around us. About 30 seconds later, his blue lights were lighting up the night, and one more road hazard was off the road. It sure was nice to be able to throw a cop at that guy!


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Dec 19, 2009
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Not long ago we were headed to church one night. A guy pulled out in front of us on our road, was weaving and clipping the ditch, crossing the yellow line, stopping in the street on a curve for us to go around
I slowed down and proceeded to call the sherrif's office. He finally seen we weren't passing and went on. As we got to the end of the road to the stop sign I told the dispatcher to hold on and I would let them know which way he turned...just as that come out of my mouth, he ran the stop sign! The Hwy. is very busy and all I could do was gasp and say "OMG! he ran the stop sign." He hit a small tree and got stuck on it and thankfully could NOT leave the scene as he was trying to, so they got him, and thankfully no one was hurt. Stuff like that scares me to death! All I could think was what if my kid had been driving and not seen him pull out and hit him, or he got behind them and hit them at that stop sign instead of that tree!! I'm glad the guy got busted, but I agree to be very careful when approaching someone who very obviously has no business behind the wheel, whether through their own cocky stupidity in a sports car, or drunk or otherwise impaired. BE CAREFUL!!! I hate to see anyone get hurt!!!

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