Am I depriving my girls??


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My chicks are now 6 days old. I decided to go with the paper towels over the pine bedding method. When changing the towels this morning, I noticed that the girls go CRAZY
kicking up the bedding and running around looking like they are having so much fun! I felt bad putting fresh paper towels down and ruining their fun! Should I just get rid of the paper towels? They are soooo easy to clean up though...and the girls went crazy pecking at the pine bedding. Is it safe for them to eat it??
The paper towels are usually only used for the first day or so, until they understand that food is in the feeder and pine shavings is NOT food. At 6 days, I would definitely get rid of the paper towels. In addition to playing in it, they will use the dust from the pine shavings to take dust baths....
I don't have a shop vac, but I'm getting a really good deal on pine shavings. A friend is a manager at a local seed and bedding factory, and she is getting me bags of it at her cost. I will admit, I am annoying when it comes to cleanliness, so I will go through a ridiculous amount of bedding lol But my girls will appreciate it in the future

OK, when I get off of work, I'll go straight home and take out the paper towels. I'll have to charge my camera first. I'm telling you what, it is so funny to watch them with the pine shavings! Poor things, I HAVE been depriving them!
My EE pullet will scratch through the shavings, pick out the perfect one, and eat it whole. Crazy bird!

She's 16 wks, by the way! Haha! So it didn't hurt her any apparently.

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