Am I just pathetic?


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Apr 23, 2009
Hi...need to rant.

(By the way, yes, ha, im a teenager with chickens)

It just hit me out of the blue that I have no real friends and no social life...and it makes me really really sad. And I don't even have anybody I can tell about how sad I am about this because well...I have no friends.

Well...I have people that call me their friend...but I could hardly call them my friend. You see...I'm a VERY nice person. I'm not afraid to admit that. Its easy to take advantage of me. And with these friends I feel like I give 90 percent and they give me 10 percent back. I need a good 50/50. Or at least 60/40! I need someone to care about what I say. I don't mind listening but I'd also like for someone else to listen to me for once.

And they never invite me over to do stuff. So im stuck at home feeling pity for myself. Pathetic! its been summer for 2 weeks and I haven't done anything interesting...well just watching tv with somebody would be fine with me...just...yeah.

And I'm going to be a sophomore next year! Im SCARED! I had no friends in almost of my classes and since I have a low self esteem it just makes everything worried it will happen all over again and I don't think im depressed but im on the fence and getting there!

I petsat a dog a few days ago and it was so wonderful because that dog acted like it wanted me and that feels so good. I want a dog soooo bad but that's not happening...(im surprised my dad let me get chickens instead!)

So I know most of you people are old(no offense! Jk!) and out of high school but when you were in high school did you feel this?

Im such a whiny baby, I know...ha.
Sorry for any grammar or spelling on my phone right now and I type fast....

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Writing that made me feel a lot better actually....but please reply ha.

(And if there is a rants board or something or this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it, thank you!)
Heck, I'm 41 and feel like that sometimes! It takes time to work on a friendship, it's like dating. Why don't you call someone and invite them over, instead of waiting for someone to call you?
Keep your chin up, I bet you have more friends then you think!
Aww im sorry.I always feel weird in the chat room cause everyones talking about their kids.Lol.My name is Natalie and if you ever want to chat im always in the chat room.I have felt like that because rumors caused my friends to abandon me... but everythings patched up and my almost-broody-hen is going to set some eggs soon.

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I felt the very same as you. In fact, I feel the same now.

My boyfriend is my best friend. Hands down. His brother is dating my next best friend. My boyfriend has his friends and told me that "his friends were my friends."

If only that were the case. I have tried hanging out with them but I get no replies to my texts, phone calls etc. APPARENTLY it's bad form on their part to hang out with their "best friend's girlfriend." That's such a load of B.S.

Anyway, I have received several messages lately telling me that I need to stop texting his friends to hang out...FROM THEM. It's not like I'm asking them to get drunk and go to a club with me! Good LORD! It's bowling for crying out loud! Anyway, since those messages I received, I've come to the same conclusion that I have no close friends except for one "gay guy" friend who believes it is his sole mission in life to tear apart my boyfriend and myself. Needless to say...don't hang with him much.

I'm not exactly you're age, but I was there once. It's not fun and I'll tell you it won't be fun when you're my age (23). The only thing I can tell you is to call the people you thought were your friends and see if they will hang out with you! Chances are, they are feeling like you are about now. They're worried they will have no friends come schooltime next semester.

If they don't hang out with you...guess've got another 3 years to keep trying!
Yeah, I think most of us felt like that at some point during high school. I had 1-2 real friends, and quite honestly, the rest could go fly a kite. Take the first step and put yourself out there, call someone that you feel like you might enjoy or have something in common with. Take it slow, and don't be afraid to just go somewhere to hang out with people your own age (I know, the mall just plain stinks...). If you go to church (or whatever) or have any outside interests (yes, the chickens count), see who pops up in those venues. Or you could try something completely outside your normal comfort zone... after all, it's the summer, what better time to try something new? You can always come be pathetic with us BYCers, there are plenty of teenagers here, too (but I'm one of those old farts with tweenage kids!). Rant all you like, we'll try to help you out of your funk.
I'm 26, so not that old I think. I felt like that in high school, and sometimes still feel like that. Is there a club you can join? Then you can meet people with similar interests, so it's easier to find things to talk about. Maybe 4H? A sport? Anything! There's always summer camp, or maybe an animal shelter or something around where you live that you can volunteer?

Just keep being yourself, you will find friends. You can always message me if you want, I know I'm "old" to you, but hey, I'm someone to talk to if you need me.
Highschool can be tough. I am going to be a jr. next year. I get made fun of for being a farmer all the time. And as for a social life friends will come. If people ever make fun of you for having chickens just ignore them. If you ever wanna chat with me pm me. My friends all know i am the redneck in a school where every one is preppie lol so just take things with a grain of salt.
Your big problem is that you are a teenager. And the best part of being a teenager is that you will outgrow it. I remember once when I was your age a friend's mom told me that "these are the best days of your life". That made me want to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. Fortunately, my friend's mother was wrong. Those were NOT the best days of my life. That said, there are a couple pieces of advice I can give you. One, don't let people walk over you. And two, develop interests of your own that are not dependent on your friends. Since you have chickens you have already done that. I used to do a lot of reading and needlecraft. I still do. Something that is kind of fun is to look up the early history of your town and community and then check out the historical sites.
Your plight is a lot like what my daughter went though. She didn't do a lot with her school. But she volunteered for things and did some babysitting. Now she is a very busy college student. I really was amazed how she helped herself. These are hard times. and sometimes people (no matter what their age) are mean. Don't be one of those we need good people. If they are mean to you what good are they as friends? Be true to your self.

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