am I out if line?.... (rant sorry) pics now added


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Jul 31, 2008
as many of you know my moms house burned down on Dec 4 2010. Since then I have been looking after her 100lb chow/husky dog. In this time this is the damage he has caused.

*the paint from the backs of ALL my doors from about the 4' level has been scratched
*the paint from my window sills has been scratched off
*the corners of my window sills have been chewed
*there is a 6' gash on the sofa from him digging
*other end of my sectional he has stretched the fabric on the seat from digging
*my couch STINKS he wont stay off it
*about 2 hours a week in extra cleaning .. he sheds like mad!! and drools .. so I am constantly washing my floors
*tore my curtain rods out of the walls from trying to get into my windows
*bent ALL the slats on my blinds from about the 4' level down
*he will kill my cats.. chases them restlessly.. so the upstairs is now the cat zone and the main floor is the dog zone and it works well until me dad comes fro a visit to see his dog then the dog has to have the run of the house and my cats are locked into one room (the office) and he sits and barks and scratches at the door the whole time. so now with 4 cats being scared out of their mind so now I find they have bathroom issues and I have had to replace the carpet in that room
*we tried putting my dining room chairs in the bay window to stop him from getting into the window and tearing up the place and he scratched the crap outta them too.
*fecal bombs in the back yard the size of elephant poop (ok thats a slight exaggeration but my dogs are 5lbs a 100lb dog poop is HUGE) I have all that to clean.
*Chiropractor bill from walking this dog.. or should I say from him walking me.. i have actually had to stop thats why he is in the yard now.. he pulls to much and is NOT leash trained)

My mom had been paying for his food and his nail trims.. NOT for his grooming which they would normally send him to a groomer but because I have grooming experience they expect me to do it.. brushing all the under coat out in the spring ect.. (I dont have clippers big enough to do his nails so he gets sent out for nail trims)

the insurance company gave her $1000 for "boarding: for this dog and yes she gave it to me... BUT what about all the damage?... He has caused over $5000 worth of damage. My dad has agreed to replace my sofa but it will be one of HIS choice (and hes a tight wad he will buy something used and try that crap with me!) .. my sofa was 6 months old when this dog came to stya and now its ruined.. its not even paid for yet!!! I paid $1,995 before taxes on this couch its a microfiber sectional with recliners at both ends..

am I out of line to be getting upset that there is so much damage that has to be fixed on my dime?

my dads logic is my husband can repaint and you know pain is $20 a gallon and a gallon will cover all the spots.. no one cares if you can see the difference in the white thats on the doors now and the new white paint... and the chewing can just be covered with paint no one will notice, and the curtain rods can just be screwed back in and my husband can do it all... WTH... I am so cheesed off right now I am ready to drop their dog off at the local kennel and let them deal with this stupid dog for the next few weeks till they are back in their house

rip and drool marks on sofa

more drool marks

stretched fabric

pics are not the best taken with my BB sorry
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I would be livid. How incredibly selfish of your parents. I would hire somebody to do all the work to repair the damage and let them foot the bill. I also would make them pay for my sofa AND buy me another one JUST LIKE IT !! Anything that had to be replaced would be on their nickel, not mine. How much longer do you think you will have the dog? If it is more than a few days, I'd tell them to take it to the kennel.
they are expected back in their home by June 15th

I am close to tears over this... I cant stand fighting with my mom... but my mom agrees with me but my dad does not and he holds the purse strings...
Sorry the dog did so much damage. You should have crated him at the first glimpse of what the future would hold. $1000 would count for his care, but I think you made a mistake not to take steps to minimize his access to damage everything so much. In court, you'd probably lose. Guilt your dad into having your furniture professionally cleaned, and make sure he pays for REPAIRS for any damage other than scratched paint. Home Depot can match any color, so take a chip of what you want matched and it should look okay when you are done. So sorry. Next time kennel a dog that seems bent on destroying everything in sight. Ask me how I know...
I bought the jumbo crate for the dog as soon as this nonsense started and he wines and barks all night long.. my dad blew a gasket when he found out he was in it.. and he scratsced so much at the side that he broke a nail off and had to be taken to the vet ... my Dad is so blind.. "Oh my dog would never have done that. It was probally caused by your dogs"...

UMmmmm excuse me my dogs are 5lbs and are crated when we go to bed and when we go out and when they cat be watched like a hawk cause they love kleenex..LOL thats another story. and they cant reach my window sills..

$1000 would not even come close to covering his care if he was in a kennel... Kennels here range from $26.00 a day - $72.00 a day and thats NO walks... JUST the kennel... walks are extra.. snacks are extra.. playtime with humans is extra... so 28 weeks with very little affection...

$26.00 a day X 196 days = $5000+ for care that borders neglect... IMO
Maybe your dad can fight the insurance co for more $. One time I totaled a car and the insurance co offered me $1000, and I bucked up and said no way, that car is a classic, blah blah blah, I want $2500, and they did not blink an eye and cut a check for $2500. Tell your dad to ask for more, the going rate, not whatever number they pull out of their hat, or wherever, lol.
I agree with onthespot at this point. Itemize the damages, charge per night for the boarding, and have them go after the insurance company for the damages. Hindsight's 20/20 as we all know, and we also know that family is the worst to take advantage of you. I too know from experience. There are several more days left until June 15th - have them take the dog NOW to a boarding kennel that can handle him.

Just my two cents' worth.
I tried and he is like Archie Bunker on a bad day... told me if I pressed the issue I would get NOTHING and to suck it up... "your sister has not asked a dime for mom and I staying at her place"... the only condition of them staying at my sisters was they could not bring the dog cause she has all kinds of breakables in low spots... the damage would have been trough the roof if he went to her place... and no one is home for 14 hours a day there and thats not fair to him (the dog).. the dog has ticked me off but its not his fault he has had no training and is a social moron... Oh wait thats my dad.. opps...LOL

but seriously... the dog is not trained... he is spoiled into thinking he is human and has a "right" to sit and eat and sleep with humans.. (yes my dad feeds him off his fork and what ever my dad eats the dog eats too off the same fork
.. for the first week he was here he would not eat cause the dogs do not eat in the dining room with the humans the back hall is the K-9 dining

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