Am I Polish?


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Is this a Polish chick? Also, the site here has two different Polish breeds listed, are those two the same? It says that Polish are very shy, this sorta worries me.
It does look like Polish though the pictures are too dark for me to see what kind. Looks like white crested black though.
Polish are one breed but there are several different colors and also bantam and standard varieties.
Any word on those breed differences?

Also, I believe it to be a bantam, am I wrong on that? The feed store had about 40 chicks and it was significantly smaller than the other standard breeds.

EDIT: Just read the new post, cool! I'll get some better pics in daylight tomorrow.
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Yep, polish
I LOVE my polish chickies! They are very funny, and mine aren't any more shy than any other breed. They really aren't shy at all... My roo follows me around running like a crazy thing, zigzagging through the yard (& no, he's not being a bad roo
). My girls are nice too. My polish aren't lap chickens, but they aren't elusive either
White Crested Black Polish
i have one thats about 5 weeks and MAN she is a cutie
I agree with all said. Polish can be friendly if raised with people and lots of handling. And, yeah, too hard to tell if the bird in question is a bantam or not. Even large fowl Polish are smaller than other large fowl birds.

Polish is one breed. But they have different colors and varieties. Looks like a WCB from the pictures, but better lighting is needed to confirm that.
Can't judge for males, but my females are very friendly and have lots of character.

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